How to articulate your vision

“If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

French philosopher and writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



A vision is not just a dream – it is a long term goal. By making it a goal and breaking it up into smaller steps, you are essentially making your vision achievable. You are making your dream into a reality.


We all have this dream of a happy, prosperous community where children and mothers are healthy. When children are healthy we know that our future is healthy. And a healthy future means a secure future. After all, health is wealth. If one is healthy then one can achieve many things. However, if we are unhealthy and sick then we cannot enjoy our wealth.


To achieve this long term goal of a healthy Haryana, you have to be able to articulate this vision to the people in your village. Articulating the big vision means expressing your goal to people, such that they understand it and are influenced to become part of your vision. Just like in the quote at the start of this chapter, you have to get people to desire the big vision of a healthy Haryana. Once convinced, people will be willing to follow actions that you ask them to.


Articulating your vision can be difficult task as you are on the verge of bringing about change in the village. Therefore you have to be willing to take risks and question the norms. You have to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and make them think in a different way. For this to happen, you as a coach, have to believe in your vision. You must be convinced that change is necessary, that families that need to adopt healthy behaviours and use health services so that women and children of Haryana will be healthy. You have to also be concerned about the health of women and children in your village. If you are convinced, concerned and motivated about the need for change in people’s behaviours to achieve a healthy Haryana, then you will find it easy to articulate your vision to people around you.


Having a healthy Haryana should not just be the vision of the government; it should be your vision as well.




STEP 1: Summarize your vision in one line              

  • This will make people curious and ask you questions about what you mean by the vision statement and make it easier for people to understand.
  • Your vision is to create a healthier Haryana where all the women and children are healthy and free from problems like anemia. Haryana is No.1 in many fields except for health. Your vision is to help Haryana regain the number status in health.


STEP 2: Keep the important points of your vision in mind

  • Everyone will not have time to talk to you at length about your vision. Therefore you must have the key points of your vision ready.
  • The key points of your vision are
  • You want to achieve the vision of a healthy Haryana by focusing on improving the health of the mother and child.
  • In order to improve the health of the mother and child, anemia needs to be reduced and antenatal care for pregnant women needs to be increased.
  • Before communicating your vision to others, you must imagine what a healthier, happier Haryana would look like. If the health of mothers and children in the village improved, the village would be more productive, no woman would die in childbirth and children of the village would be healthy, strong, intelligent and successful. This will help you remember the key points of your vision and also express it to people.


STEP 3: Practice saying your vision

  • You can stand in front of a mirror and practice saying the vision to yourself. You can also practice discussing your vision in front of your family and friends. Ask them for feedback on what did they think of the vision and how you can become better. Practicing will make you comfortable speaking about your vision and clarify doubts that people may have.


STEP 4: Articulate your vision based on who you talk to

  • If a salesman had to sell a water purifier to a doctor, he would tell him, “A water purifier will give clean bacteria-free water. This water would keep us healthy and free from diseases” but if the salesman had to sell the same water purifier to a business man, he would tell him “A water purifier would provide cleaner water, which will keep you healthy. You will not fall sick and miss work. This way you will earn more profits”.
  • The goal is to therefore understand the needs of a person and ‘pitch’ your message accordingly.


STEP 5: Involve people in your vision

  • When you tell people about your vision remember to involve them in it. Use words like “we need to make a change” or “you and I can make a healthy Haryana together”.
  • If you have seen the movie Swades, you will recall how Mohan (Shah Rukh Khan) articulated the vision of bringing electricity to the village and convinced by this, all the villagers contributed 200 days of community service, and thus every home in the village got electricity.
  • The key message is that your vision can never become a reality without the involvement of the people of your village.


STEP 5: Remind people about the vision

  • Repeating helps people remember better.
  • Would you remember the math problem that you solved in school or the LUX soap advertisement that you watched on T.V.? Chances are you would remember the Lux advertisement because you have watched it so many times on your television screen
  • Research has also shown that the more you are exposed to something, the better you remember it. Similarly, the more you remind people of the vision of a healthier, happier Haryana the more the will remember to work towards it.