Betigiri TVCs – Public Service Advertisements

Here are some TVCs or public service advertisements (PSAs) on Betigiri that show actions that can be taken at home and community to protect the girl child and woman. The television campaigns (TVCs) model and encourage appropriate behaviors for community members in different situations where a daughter may be in danger (of any age group). The TVCs were made for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare by the Improving Healthy behaviors Project (IHBP) and were creatively produced by Apocalypso Filmworks.
The people behind these TVCs understand that television advertisements may spark some scattered action among a small minority, but that too for a short period of time. Hope for the girl child in India lies in our everyday conversations and everyday practices. What we do every day will determine the future of girl child in India. Therefore, we need your help to start and sustain “conversations of conscience” among people. In order to sustain action we need to have sustained communication. And long-term communication interventions are needed including mass media, community mobilization and forums, interpersonal discussions, and social media communication. Support us in starting and sustaining this initiative for Betigiri. Only this will keep the girl child on top of mind of the Indian public and ensure that they continue with Betigiri.
Many of us are afraid to go against tradition or social norms. We have to lose this fear. What will help us lose this fear is if the guardians of tradition become the guardians of the girl child. Religious and cultural leaders can do so by incorporating “betigiri” in their everyday vocabulary and everyday practice. Betigiri is not just about having conversations of conscience; it allows individual Indians to practice actions of conscience. And there is nothing more traditional and nothing more modern than actions of conscience. It is just human.