Betigiri stories: Schoolboy helps his mother educate herself

This is part of the series of real-life Betigiri stories.

This story published by Humans of Pune on their Facebook page (see link below) is about a young mother whose little boy ensures she gets the education she wants. She was not sent to school because her parents did not believe in spending money on a girl’s education. However, her 5 year old son, would come back form school everyday and teach his mother what he had learned that day.


This post was updated by Tumblr, and has been shared by people across the globe. The picture was taken by Humans of Pune on their Facebook page who accidentally met this young woman and learned about her powerful story.

In her words: “I never went to school. I’ve always been a little slow when it comes to learning but my family gave up on me and they weren’t willing to spend money on my education since that wouldn’t benefit them. So every evening I wait for my 5 year old son to come back home and teach me whatever he learns at school… and he’s never given up on me.”

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