Betigiri: What is it? Conversations and Actions of Conscience


Betigiri, actions for the well-being of the girl child, is an everyday practice, a habit. And like all practices and habits – it starts with a thought. The thought that all children are to be treated equally – girls and boys. In many parts of the world, including India, girl children are not given the same resources, opportunities and rights.  Societies, and the people living in them, go out of their way to block the path of…Read more

Betigiri TVCs – Public Service Advertisements

betigiri TVC 1

Here are some TVCs or public service advertisements (PSAs) on Betigiri that show actions that can be taken at home and community to protect the girl child and woman. The television campaigns (TVCs) model and encourage appropriate behaviors for community members in different situations where a daughter may be in danger (of any age group). The TVCs were made for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare by the Improving Healthy behaviors Project (IHBP)…Read more